Tuesday, August 27, 2013

32 Weeks and all is well!

Chirphead and I are both really healthy at our 32 week check up.  Now we start going to the OB much more frequently...  I finally feel like the end is in sight!  The fundal height was 34 cm, so he is a big boy, but still normal and nothing to be concerned about.  We may do another ultrasound at 36 weeks to check the size, but it is really hard to determine in-utero size.  (I'd just be happy to see Chirphead one more time before he comes out!)

It is also good to know that Chirphead is currently head down, so he is getting ready to meet us!  We are slowly getting the apartment in order for his arrival, but I feel like we are in pretty good shape to care for a baby.


  1. Yay! Send me a picture please!

  2. I second the request for a picture! I'm so excited for you guys and for him to get here. :)

    1. The most recent picture is one that I shared on FB of my in progress sweater (that you liked, so you've seen it, silly.) When the sweater is done we'll be taking some more bump pictures.