Tuesday, August 6, 2013

29 Week Update

We're behind with our postings, but I wanted to give a quick update now that I'm into the beginning of my third trimester.  (Horray!!)  At 29 weeks everything continues to be perfectly healthy.  I DO NOT have gestational diabetes (yay!) and Chirphead is growing at a good rate.  At my appointment today I measured 30 cm, consistent with him being about a week ahead of schedule.

August is going to be a crazy month for pregnancy stuff.  My appointments are about to increase in frequency, and we're taking a ton of classes.  Last night was our first birthing class, and it went pretty well.  It is nice to see other first time parents as nervous as we are.  We even met a couple with the same due date!  Over the next few weeks we will have 3 more birthing classes, 1 breastfeeding class and 2 newborn care classes.

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