Thursday, September 19, 2013

35.5 weeks - the end is in sight!

As the pregnancy is rolling to a close, I am feeling pretty lucky with my symptoms.  I didn't start swelling until week 32, and even that was mild.  (Thank goodness it is September and starting to cool off!)  Unfortunately pregnancy related insomnia seems to have settled in, which means that my fatigue levels are increasing greatly.  Thankfully Keith is picking up a lot of the slack from my decreased activity level.  I'm having more difficulty maneuvering and getting up and down, but that is pretty normal when you are carrying a watermelon on your front!

Speaking of our little watermelon, Chriphead is going to be a big boy.  Big enough that we got to see him one more time this week!  He is measuring in the 70th percentile for size, which is still considered average.  The tech told us that they tend to estimate larger than smaller, but everything that she looked at was normal and healthy.  I'm very relieved that he's not expected to be 10+ lbs!  

Oh yeah, we learned one more thing at the ultrasound today.  Chirphead is still a boy!

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