Friday, August 9, 2013

2 years of Indy - Our First Baby

Indy's First Day Home
Two Years Later ("Mom, why are you wrapping me a towel?  *Sigh*")
Today is the anniversary of Indy's adoption, the day we became Indy's parents.  The decision to get a dog was a big one, and we knew that it would change our lives forever.  Keith and I knew that it would be a big responsibility, and that our lives would forever take a more scheduled pattern.  For the first time we would be responsible for a being who was entirely dependent on us for food, love and care.

The way home from the airport, after we had cleaned up his crate a bit.  
I didn't expect how much I would come to love Indy, how I feel his life is integrated into my being.  I love the kisses he gives my chin every morning.  Whenever I get upset (pregnancy does that to a person), Indy comes over and snuggles me.  I love watching Keith and Indy chase each other around the house.  I love Indy's reaction to the word "Walk" or "Run" (whines and running back and forth to us and the back door) and how he will freeze if you ask him "Are You..." or "Do you want..." because he knows those phrases usually come with something exciting for him.  I love that he can tell when we are going to run errands without him, and will run to his crate without us asking him.  He may not be perfect (those are part of other posts), but he is a member of this family!  He will always be my first "baby boy."  

Indy comes home, and immediately gets his first bath
"I'll stick with you, Mama!"

In ~2.5 months, Indy's pack is going to change with a new arrival.  We are doing everything we can to make the transition as smooth for him as possible.  Indy doesn't like strangers in our home, but I honstely believe he will see the baby as more of a puppy than another person.  We cannot wait for Chirphead to be able to join Keith in the "I'm gonna get ya" chases around the house.  

It is amazing how many of these things we considered to prepare ourselves for the arrival of our puppy also apply to the arrival of our (human) baby.  I'm just grateful that we won't have to take the baby outside every 30 min in those first few days home!  

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