Friday, July 12, 2013

Knits for Chirphead

Two days ago I shared an in-progress image of the Zebra Woobie (a blanket with a stuffed animal head in the middle) I'm making Chirphead.  I finished this project today, and as I was adding it to the growing pile of knits for Chirphead I realized that I wanted to share all of the projects I've completed thus far.  

Many knitters report being questioned on if they are making baby items or if they are pregnant while knitting in public.  (Thankfully I had never been asked if I were pregnant while knitting until recently!)  I have always loved knitting baby items, and I have taken this pregnancy as an opportunity to go a little nuts.  It didn't help that the newborn photographer we've booked googled me and commented on how she knows I'll come to the shoot with the best props.  You bet Chirphead will have the best handmade props!  

I completed a few of these projects before I knew I was pregnant, the winged Hermes Baby Socks are even my own design!  I completed the Baby Marley Hat over a year ago, and knew that it was something that I would need to save for my future child.  I used the Turtle Love Bib to announce the pregnancy on ChemKnits.  The striped baby socks were just a quick little project that I whipped up while taking a breather from some larger projects.  

Why does Chriphead need two owl earflap hats?  I made the small one first and then panicked that it would be too small for a newborn baby.  The crochet hat has some stretch, but I didn't want it to be obviously too small.  I whipped up a second version so that way one of them should fit my son!  (If the other is too small it can become a doll toy.)  Most of the other projects haven't been published yet on ChemKnits, but the details will be out in the coming months, including the Alpaca Baby Shawl (the blue blanket), a hungry caterpillar cocoon and hat, a pumpkin hat (for Keith).  

I'm so proud of the finished woobie zebra that I need to post another close up picture here:

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Knitting while pregnant

Sometimes, knitting while.pregnant is especially cute!

Chirphead's Zebra Woobie - In Progress

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

25 Week Update

Once again, we are horribly behind on updates.  With Keith headed to Seoul this week, I should hopefully have the chance to update you on two amazing Brown visits, our Strut for Strays walk and our road trip circumnavigating Lake Michigan to get to Mackinac Island.  (Hopefully this is more doable than my plan to complete three photo books by the time the baby is born...)

Just shy of 25 weeks.  
Why haven't I been doing much blogging?  Well I have actually been doing a LOT of blogging.  I'm working hard to get enough ChemKnits posts scheduled so I can have a maternity leave once the baby is here.  I don't want to disappoint my readers by not producing content.  It helps that I have a list of knitting and dyeing projects that I need (want) to complete before the baby is born.  Some of these items are for the baby, others are for Christmas.

Today I had my 25 week update at the doctor.  All of my vitals continue to be really good and all tests are coming back negative.  I get to do the 1 hr diabetes test in the next few weeks, but I'm hopeful that it will go smoothly.  The only thing that concerns me is that Chriphead is currently measuring large.  I really don't want him to come out at 10 lbs!  I suppose my reaction is normal, and I didn't listen to when the Dr. said that I'm only measuring 1 cm large for how pregnant I am right now.  From my internet research, this is not "too large" enough to warrant any concern or additional tests, especially when everyone does the gestational diabetes test by 28 weeks anyway.

Mr. Chirphead is getting stronger and stronger.  Sometimes his kicks are so strong that it makes whatever I had resting on my belly jump!  While we were on Mackinac last week, Keith felt the strongest Chriphead kicks yet, and not to mention the first time he had felt multiple kicks in a row.