Monday, September 7, 2015

Baby Registry

Boogaloo's nursery is dinosaur themed with green walls.  He or She is due to arrive in January/February 2016.  

We have a lot of things for little Boogaloo passed down from Lucky, but some items didn't survive the cross country journey.  Since the babies are slightly off cycle we will need some 6 month warm weather clothing and 9 month winter/fall clothing.  Otherwise if Booga is a boy we are pretty well covered for clothes.  

We are registered at Amazon and BabiesRUs.  There are some overlaps on the lists due to completion rewards and price comparisons.  

Amazon:  Registered under Rebecca Brown and Keith Brown.  There are many links to sites other than Amazon or Babies R Us on this list (Land of Nod, Ikea).  

Babies R Us: Registered under Rebecca Brown and Keith Brown, Newton MA.  Registry #: 57216160  (There is no way to link to it that I've found.)  

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Winter 2016

We haven't updated the blog in a while but so much has happened in our lives this summer.  We moved back to New England and purchased a home in Newton, Massachusetts.  Today we are also pleased to announce that Lucky is going to become a big brother next winter!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Photography Class - Final Project

I haven't updated in a while, but today I finished up a 8 week photography class.  I learned a LOT about my DSLR and am feeling pretty comfortable manipulating settings.  I'm super lucky that Mr. Lucky Brown is such a good subject.  Enjoy!



Wednesday, January 8, 2014

3 months of Lucky

Lucky is 3 months old today!  We had a fun day of smiles, putting toys in our mouths and photoshoots.  Oh, and Indy decided he would sit on Lucky... and boy was the baby amused! 

I took so many photos that Google created some fun "AutoAwesome" motions of Lucky.  Enjoy!

What you don't see - Indy licking Lucky's hand through all of these pictures.  That is some brotherly love!

So many wiggles!

The hands go up in front of his mouth as he grins these days. 

In addition to reaching for toys, Lucky is now trying to put everything in his mouth.  Sophie the Giraffe squeaks, so poor Indy is being unfairly taunted. 

Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Photoshoot

In Keith's family, we open presents on Christmas Eve.  This meant that we had tons of wrapping paper around on Christmas morning... perfect for a Lucky photoshoot!  I assembled the brightly colored paper around the boppy as Lucas napped. 

The setup
 Keith captured me as I prepared Lucas for the shoot. 

There are so many cute pictures, but only one can make it into Lucky's picture of the day album.  

Lucas has discovered his hands, so he holds all the time.  Super cute! 

Daddy helping us capture smiles


The winner! 
The following pictures don't need a caption.  I think they speak for themselves. 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Happy New Year!

We are having a great trip in Boston.  I hope that everyone has had a great Christmas and will have a Happy New Year!  Here are some auto awesomes from Google+.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Reindeer Boys and 2 month checkup

I don't want anyone to think that Indy has been left out of the holiday photoshoots!  Indy and Lucky continue to get along very well.  Indy will come over and say hi to the baby, maybe lick a hand or foot. 

A super calm puppy even when the baby cried.
Indy handled getting whacked in the face by Lucky like a champ
Indy is super energetic when he is by himself, but super gentle when near the baby.  Yesterday I practiced putting Indy back in his antlers and with the steady command I got a good minute before he started scratching the hat off.  Today he sat still with the antlers on next to the baby for over 10 minutes! (I settled Indy first before getting the baby ready.) 

The winner!
Lucky had his 2 month checkup yesterday.  He is 10 lbs 14 oz now.  It is funny since we only retired the newborn clothes a week ago!  Technically 3 month clothes say they are for 8-12 lbs... well now I know to not read too much into the sizing.  We survived the multiple shots at the appointment, and are thrilled that Lucky is still so healthy. 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Auto Awesome!

Google Plus "Auto Awesomed" the picture of Lucky when I uploaded it into blogger.  Look at the sparkles! 

I'd say Lucky is pretty awesome, wouldn't you? 

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays, everyone! I couldn't resist doing some really cute holiday pictures with little Lucky. Can you believe that he his now two months old?

The first night of Chanukkha. 
Anime cry eyes


We're very thankful for Lucas!
Now that the holidays are out of the way, it is time for Lucky's latest milestone, he's now 2 months old! He was such a ham in our photoshoot that I couldn't pick just one picture.

Well done smile capture mode on camera.  (Turns out my response time is better, but 5 pictures in a row has captured some pretty nice ones.) 

Happy boy laying in his crib

Full body shot.  (I couldn't get his whole body and him smiling at the same time...)
Obligatory crying shot
I love our purple Christmas tree.  (We had a purple tree before any association with Northwestern!  This tree will be a lot more special again once we move.)  This Jewish girl still gets super excited when it comes to decorating the tree.  Each year we put on Die Hard as the background while I trim and Keith supervises.  This year, Lucky and Keith were the supervisors offering suggestions while I placed the ornaments.  One of these years we'll have to get actual Christmas music, or at least find a kid friendly Christmas movie to play when Lucky becomes more aware of his surroundings. 

Now given how much I love to put the baby in cute situations, do you think I'd pass up an opportunity to play with the baby and our tree?   

Our little reindeer/elf

Merry Christmas, Everyone! 

Friday, November 22, 2013