Thursday, June 13, 2013

Indy is 2 years old!

Is a 2 yr dog still a puppy?  Well Indy certainly doesn't realize that he is an old man now.  

Who is the prettiest Eskie around?
A few weeks ago, I talked about how Indy is still a baby and has been going through some new changes with this Spring.  One of the good changes is that he is getting slightly better at welcoming people into our apartment... which is good because we had a lot of visitors in early June.  

For his birthday, we made Indy a dinner of chicken with some parmasean cheese and dog food sprinkles.  He was so still in his "wait" because he wanted this food so very much.

After demolishing the dinner in record time, Indy did something new.  He ran around the house sniffing up at every table and surface - clearly looking for more chicken.  While he's had some pieces before, he has never had a whole bowl to himself.   He was clearly a happy birthday boy!  

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