Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Chirphead's Gender Revealed + 20 Week Ultrasound Photos

It's a Boy!!

The story behind the gender reveal

Rebecca makes a lot of yarn dyeing tutorials for her YouTube Channel, and she had a great idea for her Dyeing Experiments series.  White vinegar (an acid source) is an important component of dyeing yarn, so the plan was to have two dyebaths, one with vinegar and one with plain water and to "dye" two skeins of yarn.  Only one would retain the color, thus revealing the gender.  Unfortunately this did not go as planned and we ended up with a vibrant pink yarn in addition to the blue.  Reds require less acid to bind to yarn than pinks, so it is possible that this experiment would have worked better if Chirphead were a girl.  Nevertheless, it is still a good video for the YouTube channel, but meant that we did not use the video itself to share Chirphead's gender with the world (Facebook) as planned. Thus the miniskein of blue yarn. 

20 Week Ultrasound

The anatomy scan went extremely well.   Chirphead is really healthy and is moving like a champ.  Below you will find our favorite pictures.

Look at that cute little mouth!!
Chirphead is really advanced! While we were watching we saw him grabbing his foot while sucking on his thumb. (I'm pretty sure it is supposed to take them months after birth to discover their toes.  The next two pictures are the attempt to capture these impressive simultaneous acts.  

And finally, a 3d image of little Mr. Chirphead. Rebecca sees Keith in this face shape.  Something about the forehead and nose makes him look just as handsome as his daddy! 

If everything continues to be healthy, we may not get a chance to see Chirphead again until he is born.  We already think he is beautiful. 

Indy is very interested in his baby brother!

Rebecca had a gut feeling that Chirphead would be a boy.  Just in case, before the ultrasound she and Indy had their morning nap and an extra snuggle session.  Rebecca has been calling Indy her "baby boy" ever since he was a puppy and knew that this might be the last chance that Indy was her ONLY baby boy.   After the ultrasound, Indy was greeting Rebecca super enthusiastically and Rebecca felt nothing but excitement to be playing with her baby boys.  :)

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