Tuesday, June 4, 2013

20 Week Update

We're half way there!  We are so excited to meet Chirphead, but we need it to stay inside me a little longer, okay baby?

My 20 week checkup went very well.  Chirphead's heart rate is 140/145 bmp.  My Dr. is fantastic and addressed a lot of the concerns and fears I have for labor and delivery.   All my blood work etc continues to be normal, so we are in the midst of a healthy pregnancy!  We are about to sign up for some classes to help us prepare for birth and beyond.

The most prevaling symptom continues to be increased fatigue.  This can vary greatly from week to week, but in general it is something that I am experienced handleing.  I had expected to feel general discomfort, but I did not expect to feel so many pregnancy related aches and pains!   My Dr. recommends getting used to sleeping on your side early, but boy is it making my hip hurt.

There are some good symptoms that are happening.  I'd felt the baby move a few times in the last few weeks, mostly in the evening when I was laying down trying to fall asleep.  At 20w1d I started feeling the baby move multiple times in a day!

Whenever I talk to the baby, Indy comes running over.  I suppose I'm using the same tone to talk to Chirphead as I do to talk to Indy, so I'm starting to explain to Indy how he

Stay tuned for pictures from the 20 week ultrasound... We now know whether Chirphead is a boy or a girl!

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