Friday, May 24, 2013

Indy - Still a Baby

We are less than a month away from Indy's 2nd birthday.  This spring, he has started exhibiting some new behaviors that show he is still a puppy and learning how the world works.
  • He is exploring a lot more.  He is taking the time to sniff things carefully to the point where he won't notice us calling him.  I prefer to think he is focused rather than disobedient.  
  • He considers commands before obeying.  We tell him to go somewhere, and you can see him pause and think, "what is in this for me?"  If you have food, he will obey 99% of the time.  We need to step up some of the obedience training again because he thinks that he can make up his own mind.
  •  Scent marking.  Indy pees like a girl, and for the last two years any time he's lifted his leg we've given him loads of praise.  This spring, he started scent marking on walks - 7-8 times each walk.  Half the time he lifts his leg I don't think he has any pee left! (While not on walks, he still pees like a girl.) 

Thankfully he still enjoys things like family nap time (Indy, Rebecca & Chirphead) and other snuggles.

Today, I caught him licking my running shoes.  When it was clear that I was watching him, he just looked at me and wiggled.  Do you think he was trying to tell me it was time to go for another run?  

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