Tuesday, March 26, 2013

First Spring Run

Today it was a warm day of 39 degrees, and I decided that it was time for my first run of the year.... with Indy.  (Not that I've run without him, but Indy and I haven't run together since last fall.)

The process started with dusting off my running shoes, literally.  Have I mentioned that it is shedding season? Indy picked up that something excited was about to happen before I even touched my shoes.  I think it was my running shorts that was the clue for him to start whining.

It took Indy to get back into the swing of running with me (i.e. walking quickly for Indy.)  With Keith they sprint across the park really fast, or if they're going for a run, Keith runs much faster than me. (Hello sub 2 hour half marathon!)

The weather was near perfect.  And it almost even felt like Spring!

After our 1.5 miles, I didn't quite live up to my standard sprint to the finish end (Indy's favorite part) since I slowed down before the finishing corner.  However, I am very proud of myself for even doing this in the first place.   I am also proud of Indy for sitting patiently at each street corner before we would cross the street.  

Let's just say that I think we both deserved naptime today!  

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