Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Keith ran a Half Marathon!

I recently finished the Chicago half Marathon! The weather was perfect I was able to finish in 1:49:18! Huge thanks to Ryan for giving me a Garmin GPS watch, it was super helpful in training. It makes it very easy to both adjust run lengths on the fly and maintain a set pace. It was hilarious during the race there were the telltale beeps from all around me at each mile. There also was an especially hilarious sign a spectator was holding saying, "Don't worry baby, if you pass out I'll pause your Garmin." 

I based my training on the Hal Higdon novice program condensed into eight weeks with the Wednesday cross training as intervals. The hardest part was consistently making time to run four times a week, but the miles added up, I ran 105 miles in August! 

I have no plans for doing a full marathon, but some friends and I are going to do the hot chocolate 15K  in November and I'm really excited to run a run the Monster Dash 5K in October with Rebecca. Costume suggestions anyone?

--------------------------------- Did you take any pictures at our wedding? Please send them to us!

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