Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Family day at the beach

When Mom (Bev) was visiting us, we went for a walk and discovered the amazing ice piles created by Lake Michigan.  I couldn't wait to take Keith back there to show him how awesome it is!

While the beach was closed (no lifeguard on duty), there was NOT a sign that said no dogs... so we were able to bring Indy with us!  

Indy was having a blast climbing on these snowy mountains that are actually on top of the lake.  At some point, he must have been sick of the wind or was getting cold, because he suddenly started resisting the romp.  (It also could have been my nervousness while climbing down that caused him to dig in his heels.)  

On the way to and from the beach, we found some really fun snow forts left behind by some of the local kids.  Indy LOVED jumping around these big snow boulders.  

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