Thursday, April 11, 2013

Wisconsin Vacation with Mom Brown

Keith and I have dying to take Indy on vacation... but taking him on a plane comes with its own set or issues.  (His crate is now SO BIG to fit the "must be sit without ears touching top" that it cannot fit in our car assembled.  Not to mention how we would carry it through the airport.)   If we were going somewhere for long enough it would be worth it... but for now, ROAD TRIP!  

Mom and Keith on the lake
Mama Bev has been wanting to go up to Kohler WI with us for a long time now.  There are many great golf courses for the summer, but in the winter there are also a lot of activities.  Better yet, they have a DOG FRIENDLY HOTEL!  We packed Indy's bags, picked up Mom from the airport and were soon on Indy's first ever vacation.  

If you have never met Indy, then you may not know that he likes to bark.  A lot.  Right outside the hotel there was a huge bear sculpture, and poor Indy thought it was going to attack.  It took a long time to get him willing to look away from the bear so I could snap this picture.  

The hotel was really great.  We didn't know what to expect from a pet friendly hotel, but the room was large and very comfortable.  Unfortunately, Indy was a little uncomfortable by the whole experience because he wouldn't lay down and had zero interest in his toys.  We thankfully brought his (smaller) crate to give him a safe space to be, but he was pacing the room whenever he was free.     We only stayed here one night, if we were there more nights Indy may have gotten used to the room and calmed down.  

The best feature of the room was the access to an outside door.  It was WONDERFUL to let Indy out while staying in the Room.  

We were in Kohler, so you would expect great things from the appliances.  I have NEVER IN MY LIFE seen a shower like this one, but as intimidating as it was at first, I now want one in my future home.

And this is just one side of the shower!
Indy may have been a little uncomfortable in a hotel room with new smells, but he LOVES the snow.  He had so much fun walking (and slipping) on the frozen lake and around snowy Wisconson.  

Dog bones, what could be more fitting for a picture?  

The hotel welcomed Indy with open arms, even if they did spell his name wrong.  In addition to his crate, we brought a sconic egg that is a bark deterrant for when we left the room.  He was a very good boy and didn't bark very much!

Indy may not have wanted to play with his toys, but he was still happy to go "In" various places in the room.

We wish that Indy were more welcoming to guests in our home, but we are so happy that we were able to successfully take him somewhere with us without major inconvenience or incident.

One of the best parts of the road trip was having Indy snuggle up against me for 2.5 hours.  (When he wasn't sitting directly in my lap.)  

Thank you, Mom, for such a great vacation!  

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