Friday, September 16, 2011

Indy's Toy Box Part II

If you remember, Indy discovered how to climb into his toy box and treated us with a little surprise when he was 8 weeks old. Well I'm finally able to share with you what he discovered at 10 weeks. He only managed to do this twice, and both were on the same day:

Indy's further attempts to get into the top of the toy box caused the toy box to tip forward. He doesn't try anymore.

Indy is getting much better with potty training (although he did climb up on my shoulder and pee on me last weekend....) He isn't ringing the bell, but he is sitting by the back door when he needs to go out.

Keith and I are finally able to get more sleep. Indy is waking us up between 5 and 7 AM now, but won't complain (much) if he's put back into his crate before 6. When he wakes up after 6AM, we'll bring him into bed with us and he'll sleep until we're ready to get up. Keith and I love these cuddle mornings, and I think Indy enjoys them, too!

P.S. He's SPINing in both directions, and is actually getting pretty good at SHAKE. (At least compared to his lesson on Wednesday!)

Did you take any pictures at our wedding? Please send them to us!

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