Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Indy's 12 Week Vet Visit

Today I took Indy to the vet for the second time. At 12 weeks, Indy now weighs 9 pounds and is in good health. He had round worms last time, but the meds they gave him should have cleared them out.

Indy at the Vet

In addition to the standard vaccines, we got the Kennel Cough and Rabies vaccine this week. It is a little on the early side for rabies, but we will need to board him at a kennel while we go to Marc and Rachel's wedding in Maine. Now that Indy has had his first rabies shot, we can finally get his license.

This is a little silly, but I was excited that the new tag is the same shape as the old one. Plus, the rabies tag is green which also goes with Indy's collar really well.

Indy is exhausted after his busy morning.

Yesterday I was all excited because Indy slept through the night... but tonight he did even better. Indy stayed asleep in his crate from 8:40 pm until 6 am! It was so nice to get all of that sleep.

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