Friday, September 2, 2011

Indy at 11 Weeks (11.5)

Next Wednesday we will go to the vet for Indy's 12 week shots. I'm guessing that he is at LEAST 10 pounds now, which means that he's doubled in size since we brought him home.

In class this week we worked on loose leash walking. Indy is still scared of Ella (who is a Chocolate Lab/Weimaraner mix) but has been socializing with other dogs very well.

We have taken some other funny videos that we'll share at some point. (All videos will be added to Indy's YouTube Playlist.)

Slideshow of Indy: 9-11 weeks old

Link to the Picasa Album (This is for you Mom, so you can view them on your iPad!)

Did you take any pictures at our wedding? Please send them to us!

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