Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Chirphead's Ultrasounds

We had our first look and listen to little Chirphead at 7w5d.  The heart rate was 160 bmp.  It was the most beautiful sound we'd ever heard!  

Chirphead's size was right on target, so they did not alter the projected due date.  

We saw Chirphead for a second time about a week ago (at 12w2d.)  It was great to hear (and see) the heartbeat again and to see our little one WIGGLE and jump around Rebecca's uterus. In the ultrasound we learned: Chirphead has two arms and two legs and measures 7 cm from head to butt. Chirphead is stubborn - it kept its hands over the face hiding its nose and wouldn't lift its head!  

Thus far, Chirphead is growing perfectly and all tests have come back perfect.  

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