Monday, October 3, 2011

Poor Monkey

Poor Monkey. I discovered today that his head started coming off his body, leaving his insides exposed. As this would not be safe for the puppy, I decided to surgically remove them. (I considered trying to fix the Monkey, but knew that my sutures would not hold against Indy's sharp baby teeth.)

Indy was anxious during the procedures. He yelped and woofed (softly) as I worked to remove every bit of the stuffing. I was able to save the squeaker intact, so that may be able to be used inside a handmade puppy toy.

after the Monkey's surgery, Indy picked him up and slowly and carefully walked over to his toy box. So cute!

Indy has spent the last 20 min carefully chewing on his monkey. It is sad, because he just realized that he could squeak the squeaker himself earlier this week. Thankfully, he is still happy to fall asleep on this less cushiony toy.

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