Sunday, October 9, 2011

Indy goes to the Beach (Indy at 16 weeks)

Indy had a big week this week. He went to the beach for the first time, "swam" in the lake for the first time (he didn't go deep enough where he couldn't touch), successfully played fetch for the first time (at the lake) and lost his first tooth. We also entered him in a costume contest by PetSmart (please vote for Indy! You can vote once a day until October 24.)

Indy's First Day at the Dog Beach:

Indy is getting VERY good a "wait." I can leave the room and he will be in the same spot where I left him. He can also wait for 3 min while looking at a treat he REALLY wants.

Tomorrow Indy will be 17 weeks old, and he is just over 13 lbs. It is so hard to believe that he was so tiny when we brought him home!

Did you take any pictures at our wedding? Please send them to us!

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