Monday, October 3, 2011

Marc and Rachel's Wedding in Maine

Keith and I had a wonderful time at Camp in Maine where we attended Marc and Rachel's wedding. The day was filled with camp activities, sports, crafts and fun in the lake.

While we were waiting for the ceremony to begin, Keith decided to have some fun...

All of the weddings this summer have been lucky with weather. Many predictions of rain turned false, and we had a perfect day for an outdoor wedding. The lake was so clear, that you could see the clouds in the sky reflected on the surface. If I cropped the pictures a bit, it could be hard to tell which part was the reflection.

It has been a wonderful wedding season, and we are very happy for all of our friends who got married this summer. I cannot wait for the next wedding season to begin!

Did you take any pictures at our wedding? Please send them to us!

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  1. OMG, Marc and Rachel's Wedding in Maine looks outstandingly enjoyable. You got some fabulous shots my friend! At the nearby hillside LA venue we too attended a cousin’s adventure themed ceremony that just turned out to be super enjoyable. We had great time with all of the adventurous activities arranged over there.