Monday, September 7, 2015

Baby Registry

Boogaloo's nursery is dinosaur themed with green walls.  He or She is due to arrive in January/February 2016.  

We have a lot of things for little Boogaloo passed down from Lucky, but some items didn't survive the cross country journey.  Since the babies are slightly off cycle we will need some 6 month warm weather clothing and 9 month winter/fall clothing.  Otherwise if Booga is a boy we are pretty well covered for clothes.  

We are registered at Amazon and BabiesRUs.  There are some overlaps on the lists due to completion rewards and price comparisons.  

Amazon:  Registered under Rebecca Brown and Keith Brown.  There are many links to sites other than Amazon or Babies R Us on this list (Land of Nod, Ikea).  

Babies R Us: Registered under Rebecca Brown and Keith Brown, Newton MA.  Registry #: 57216160  (There is no way to link to it that I've found.)  

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