Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Reindeer Boys and 2 month checkup

I don't want anyone to think that Indy has been left out of the holiday photoshoots!  Indy and Lucky continue to get along very well.  Indy will come over and say hi to the baby, maybe lick a hand or foot. 

A super calm puppy even when the baby cried.
Indy handled getting whacked in the face by Lucky like a champ
Indy is super energetic when he is by himself, but super gentle when near the baby.  Yesterday I practiced putting Indy back in his antlers and with the steady command I got a good minute before he started scratching the hat off.  Today he sat still with the antlers on next to the baby for over 10 minutes! (I settled Indy first before getting the baby ready.) 

The winner!
Lucky had his 2 month checkup yesterday.  He is 10 lbs 14 oz now.  It is funny since we only retired the newborn clothes a week ago!  Technically 3 month clothes say they are for 8-12 lbs... well now I know to not read too much into the sizing.  We survived the multiple shots at the appointment, and are thrilled that Lucky is still so healthy. 

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