Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween (and how Indy gets along with the baby)!

The Brown Family Pumpkin Patch!
We are so happy that our two baby boys are getting along so well.  It seemed fitting for Lucky's first costume to be a pumpkin.  You cannot tell in this first picture, but one of the pumpkins is wearing a Red Sox hat.  And yes, I did bedazzle a pumpkin with purple rhinestones (before the baby was born, I don't have that much time now!)    

When it comes to his baby brother, Indy isn't a "Bad Dog" at all.  He is gentle and sweet with the baby.   He knows that the baby is something precious, and is very gentle whenever the baby is on the floor.  Indy does like to sniff little Lucky, and maybe lick his foot, but otherwise he stays back unless we encourage him to come closer.  Keith and I picked out this costume for him because the baby can only see high contrast items currently.  In a black and white costume, this should be stimulating to the baby.  A win, win, win in my book!  (It doesn't hurt that Indy's command to go to his crate is "Go to Jail!")

I also want to add that Indy has never been more photogenic until we had the baby, which is great because we really only have one subject flailing around!  

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