Thursday, October 3, 2013

Any Day Now

Today I am 37 weeks 5 days pregnant.  This means that our little Chirphead could decided to come into this world at any time.  Boy are we ready.  Clothes are sorted and washed, the carseat inspected and installed properly, the Pack'n'play and changing table are built, we've had our shots... now we just need our little boy so we can bring him home.  

I still consider myself very lucky for the symptoms that I've experienced in this pregnancy, but these last few weeks have been extremely difficult.   I am, however, amused by the pregnancy waddle.   I'm less amused by increased insomnia (it really doesn't help when everyone tells you to sleep now there won't be time later... I'm TRYING to sleep but my body isn't cooperating), increased pains and decreased mobility. Unfortunately these all lead to increased irritability, but poor Keith has been a trooper.   It helps to know that these symptoms are temporary, but after living with a chronic condition for years and working hard to accept physical limitations outside of your control, it is hard to experience a sudden decline in ability.  Like all of my symptom accounts, I'm writing this not to complain but to remember what I experienced through this pregnancy.  I want to remember that each discomfort passed with time, and nothing lasted the whole length of the pregnancy.  

Let's focus on the (what is hopefully) the near future.  What am I excited for?
  • To snuggle our baby boy.  Keith likes to tell me that I've been snuggling him for 8.5 months now, but I want to smell his (likely very little) hair, kiss his fingers and hold him close.  I want him to kick me from the outside so I can watch the wiggles.
  • To see Keith snuggle our baby boy.  Keith is just as excited to actually meet our little one as I am.  
  • To Breastfeed.  I know that there can be challenges with this, but I am excited to try to feed my baby and experience this closeness.  
  • The introduction of Indy to Chirphead.  This is going to be a relationship that is going to need constant supervision, but we are prepared with baby gates and additional activities for Indy.  This won't be easy, but in the end will be wonderful for our family.  
  • Beer.  Harpoon made a pumpkin UFO this year, and Keith and I went on a quest to find it.  We now have a 6 pack in the pantry waiting in the pantry for me to taste. 
  • Wine.  We have accumulated 6 bottles of my favorite summer wine since the availability goes down in the winter. 
  • Sushi, Lox, hot dogs, & lunch meats.  I don't really need to explain these ones, do I?
  • Pancakes and Cookies.  Since we know the baby is pretty big, I have cut out carb heavy meals since sugars just go straight to the size of my little boy right now.  This has been hard because these are the food items that I'm craving the most right now.  So I've already put in a request for a cookie cake upon my return home from the hospital.  
Likely my last time holding both my baby boys at the same time for a while!
We had an appointment with our OB today... and guess what!  I am 1 cm dilated and my cervix is soft, which is AWESOME for a first pregnancy.  This means that we are really on our way.   Given the big boy I'm carrying, the OB would be happy for me to go into labor 1-1.5 weeks early, which is what we're hoping for, too.  Wish us luck! 

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  1. Renee and I are so excited for you guys! I'm glad to hear everything is going well so far.