Friday, March 30, 2012

Pooch Park

We have gone to the Pooch Park many times since this video was filmed. Indy continues to love Agility but he is now afraid of the balance beam. I think it has a lot to do with him jumping off at the top a few times (including one epic leap into my arms.)

The park is fun when it isn't filled with mud. Sometimes our very white puppy comes home brown!

Normally everyone at the park is very friendly, and Indy has a lot of positive interactions with dogs and people. Indy is too shy to drink out of the public water bowl (he takes possession seriously) so we bring a water bowl for him. He will growl if another dog attempts to drink his water. He also can be "protective" of us at times. Unfortunately, last weekend these two issues combined in a confrontation with a chocolate lab which resulted in the lab accidentally biting my leg. The two dogs where growling/snapping at each other, Indy under the bench and the lab on the other side of me. The dog wasn't trying to bite me, I just happened to be in the way. The owner of the lab was really friendly, and the bite didn't break the skin (although I have a nasty bruise) so we did not need to seek medical attention. This is my first first-hand experience with a dog bite, and shows that even the most friendly dogs may accidentally bite someone. I still plan to go to the dog park, I will just avoid sitting on the bench!

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