Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Indy Videos (Indy at 7 months)

As promised, here are some great new Indy videos! Here we will show off some of his latest and greatest tricks.

Indy knows how to go many places. He knows his bed, basket, chair (the only furniture he is allowed on in our living room) and Jail. We named the crate Jail because when I read it in a book as a suggested command I thought it was hilarious. Indy spends less time in Jail than he used to because we can trust him more around the house. Even so, he spends a fair amount of time in Jail (unlocked) just hanging out or napping.

We taught Indy this trick so that when we get excited, he can get excited, too.

This video isn't really a trick, but is a really cute Indy habit. He always runs up the stairs first, and then gets really excited right outside our back door:

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