Sunday, February 12, 2012

Indy at 8 months (almost)

Indy is just shy of being 8 months old, and today he weighs 22.1 lbs! We hope he will be 23+ by spring because right now he is between sizes for the flea prevention medication.

We took Indy to the "Pooch Park" yesterday. The park was HUGE and he had some great play time with the other dogs there. When we arrived, he even greeted the humans well! (By the time we left, he was barking again... but there is some hope.)

The park has an agility course, and Indy is an absolute natural! The only piece we have worked on at home is the tunnel (we set it up in the hallway) but he was climbing on balance beams, jumping through hoops and (with a lot of guidance) weaving through poles. We have some videos that I hope to get edited to post soon.

I hope everyone is having a happy February!

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