Monday, August 15, 2011

Indy at 9 weeks and his first week home

Today Indy is 9 weeks old, and has been with us almost a week. His personality grows every day. He sleeps a LOT, and is starting to go into his crate on his own to chill. He gets distracted easily, and needs to be reminded that he is in the middle of eating.

When Indy is sleeping, we can do almost anything to him without him complaining

Indy is now sleeping through the night, only barking in the morning (~5:30) to tell us that it is morning time. Last night he went into the crate by himself to nap!

Indy loves to use Keith's legs as a jungle gym. He will play for long periods of time, which makes him super tired and take long naps. (Nap time is great... it allows us to get things done and stop worrying about accidents!)

Earlier I mentioned Indy's Lady Bug Pillow/stuffed animal and how much he loves it... I just didn't say how! Let's just say that Indy is very much a male dog. The pillow has a velcro tab on the bottom which allows you to convert it from a pillow into a stuffed animal shape.

Indy will also play with the lady bug in standard puppy fashion, and loves to try to whip it back and forth. I love the following picture because you can see where his head used to be by a white streak:

Today is also Keith's first day in his new lab at Northwestern. Indy and I walked him to the back door, and boy was Indy upset when Keith went out but we didn't. He went and scratched at his leash and the door, so I decided to take him out. Good think I did because then he peed in his spot! (He had gone about 45 min earlier, so it wasn't a time when I would normally take him out, I just wanted to reward him for asking to go out... and he rewarded me!)

Slideshow of Indy's First Week:

Did you take any pictures at our wedding? Please send them to us!

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