Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sox v. Sox

What a game! We went to see the Red Sox v. White Sox game last night, our first time seeing the REAL Sox away from Fenway.

The seats turned out to be really nice. We had a great view of the infield.

The weather was perfect, even as day turned to night.

Whenever the White Sox hit a home run, there were fireworks. When the Red Sox had two in a row (by Pedroia and Youkilis), there was just an eruption of cheers from the many Boston fans in the stadium. We were surprised there were so many Red Sox fans there.

Since we've moved to the Chicago area, talking about baseball has been hard. We cannot just say "the Sox" anymore, we have to qualify it!

Final Score: Red Sox 10-2!

There is a great view of the Chicago Sky line from the walk up to our seats.

We were treated to fireworks after the show. I'm not sure why I love taking pictures of fireworks, but here are a few I took of the show:

The stadium goes dark in preparation for the fireworks show.

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