Monday, July 18, 2011

Indiana Brown (Indy)

Indiana Brown is an American Eskimo puppy we will welcome into our home in mid-August. He was born June 13, 2011 to a littler of 6 (3 boys and 3 girls.) His parents are Kylee and Kodi.

A picture of Indy or (one of his brothers. )

For a long time we were set on Australian Shepherds, but eating dinner outside in Harvard Square we met a couple with an Eskie, and fell in love. After doing research on the breed, we decided that an Eskie would fit into our new family very well.

We get weekly updates (with pictures) from the breeder, Melanie:
  • July 7: "They are growling little tiny growls, and yipping at each other, and are just beginning to walk around and explore a little. They're still wobbly on their feet, but give it a few days, and they'll be running their mama ragged!"
  • July 17: "...a puppy picture of bath time....they are not thrilled with it, but it is an absolute MUST with softened food!! We are staying messy all the time, it seems like!! We love to stand in the food, play in our water bowl,and just generally act like little puppy tornadoes, now that we're up and running around!"

Indy - 3 weeks

Indy and Siblings - 4 weeks

We are still in the process of unpacking, but as we unpack we are planning where Indy's main spaces will be. Since we want to bring Indy into a steady environment, we are testing the placement of his food and water bowls now. Hopefully we can be as constant as possible for him when he comes home.

Indy's Food Spot

One of the most fun items to prepare for are dog toys. We have given the multicolored rubber ball to all of the new puppies I've met (Pita and Pinto), so we were thrilled when we found the same one to give to Indy. Among Pita's early toys was a tennis ball covered monkey, and although we couldn't find the same one we did find a pretty fun monkey toy!

A few of Indy's toys

American Eskimo dogs have a history of circus dogs, so they are able to learn a lot of tricks. Of course, we are going to work on standard manners and obedience first, but we have some other trick books to help keep Indy's brain occupied. We'll be keeping you posted on how clicker training goes.

Indy's clicker and one of the training books we have

There are many other things we need to get to prepare for Indy's arrival, but we are prepared with lots of little baggies to clean up after him!

Hopefully these will last us a while!

We cannot wait for Indy to arrive!

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