Sunday, November 20, 2011

Holiday Time and Indy at 5 Months

In the Brown family Christmas tradition, we set up our purple and silver tree while watching Die Hard. Why Die Hard? The first year Keith and I had our tree, we wanted to set it up while listening to Christmas music, but found that neither of us had any. Die Hard was the movie we owned that had the most Christmas music, and has been our background to decorating the tree for three years now. We are aware that once we have kids we will need to modify this tradition a bit.. but not for the first few years!

Indy was pretty stressed out by setting up the tree. So stressed that he had two accidents today. There goes our record for having no accidents for a long time!

Indy is 5 months old now. He graduated from the intermediate class at Pet Smart, and his growth has substantially slowed down. Pictures from his graduation and more cute times are coming soon.

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